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Social media strategie & branding binnenkort weer beschikbaar!

Vragen die niet kunnen wachten, of toch graag alvast een offerte laten maken dan kun je contact opnemen met onze klantenservice.

Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing success? We as brand ambassador QDofficial would like to help you! But what exactly is a brand ambassador? Read more on the page below and who knows what we can do for you.


What is a brand ambassador?

If you are convinced to work with us, we will be happy to talk to you!

Do you want to work together for a product, service, Collab, to bring to the attention of us on the website or in a written article? We are always open to new proposals!

Brand ambassadors are, as the word suggests: brand ambassadors. In this case, we (QDofficial) are the company/people who represent and promote your brand on social media.


You also often hear about Influencer collaborations. An influencer is a person in itself. When an influencer acts as an ambassador, they choose a long-term partnership. 

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What can you use a brand ambassador for?

By brand ambassador we mean someone who loves and promotes the brand or product. Recommends the products in his network with the result (some see it as the goal) of increasing brand awareness or even encouraging a purchase.

In other words, brand ambassadors can also encourage sales in addition to telling positive stories.

We take care of increasing your brand/product awareness.

We give advice or offer help, help in finding solutions or assist in carrying out tasks that are normally performed by the staff. We create value for your organization. At you are not just a number. Every collaboration is unique and comes into its own with us on social media or on our website.. 

How do we work? 









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