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Tour of Sicily

Sicily has a typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by a long warm and sunny period (April to November) and mild winters. During the high summer season (especially July and August) it can get very hot, especially in the cities. Even the locals look for cooling in the countryside or along the coast. During spring and autumn it can rain or thunder from time to time. However, the climate of Sicily is pleasant in all seasons.

Traces of the many peoples who ruled the island can still be found everywhere in Sicily. The first inhabitants were the Sicani, followed by the Sicilioti, the Phoenicians and the Greeks. The latter had their most powerful settlement in Sicily after Athens: Siracuse. After the Greeks came the Romans, the Byzantines and the Arabs. They were relieved by the Normans during the golden age of Fredrik II. After that, the French and Spanish royal houses in particular ruled the island for centuries.

The result of this colorful mix of influences is a culture that can be called unique and will undoubtedly surprise you from one surprise to the next. There is no country that embodies the history of Europe and the Mediterranean like Sicily.

This culture manifests itself in many ways. For example in architecture, including the characteristic baroque, created during the domination of the Spaniards and also very popular among the Normans and the Arabs. There are also many influences from other countries in the kitchen. Many ingredients and recipes can be traced back to Arabic cuisine, for example the frequent use of nuts, raisins, citrus fruits and figs. Also in the appearance of the Sicilians, from bright blond and blue eyes to small and dark and everything in between, it is clear to see that many peoples have walked around on the island. In Sicilian and in the many local dialects, much can be traced back to millennia of contact with other peoples.

Discover this sparkling island and admire the many sights of Sicily during a perfectly balanced group tour between nature and culture.

The very complete program consists of a combination of visits to special places with your own tour guide and transport, and above all pleasant moments where the group gets to know real Sicily.

Experience a relaxing holiday with attention to nature and culture in your own way!

Originality and customization are paramount at Tururi Tours. As a small-scale travel specialist, Tururi has the best tips in house. You have the guarantee of a personalized service and a pure tailor-made experience.

Hospitable and authentic addresses, tradition and culture, unspoiled nature, family atmosphere.

Meet the local people and get to know their customs and traditions. Take walks through the overwhelming nature and let yourself be amazed by the special hospitable character of the chosen accommodations.

Cozy and hospitable B&Bs, contact with local people, nature, excursions and hiking, culture and tradition, warm welcome, typical towns.

This 15-day individual tour takes you through one of the oldest parts of the Mediterranean, the fascinating Sardinia. A special journey where you will be hospitably welcomed and pampered in small-scale, atmospheric and authentic accommodations.

Masseria Agnello is a lovely boutique hotel, located a few kilometers from Agrigento and from the sea. It is a unique landscape, where a sensory journey is enjoyed, in the middle of architectural elements, expertly restored, of the ancient rural civilization. This beautiful area is ideal for walks, where you can enjoy the stunningly beautiful landscape with beautiful views.

Boutique hotels, sights of Eastern Sicily, archaeology, art and culture.

The volcano Etna with its very varied landscapes, the famous towns of Taormina and Siracuse, the beautiful southeastern coast and fascinating baroque towns such as Noto, Ragusa Ibla, Modica and Scicli.

Small-scale and elegant hotels offer you peace and comfort, so that you can also enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, not to mention a delicious, typical Sicilian meal.

During this trip through Sicily you will have the opportunity to discover and experience the beautiful nature and the warmth of the culture. Relaxed, family atmosphere, traditional cuisine.

All addresses have a swimming pool and there is plenty of room to play outside, making this trip ideal for families with children. It is easy to get in touch with nature and, for example, the farm animals.

Fortunately, discovering Sicily in a sustainable way and far from mass tourism is still possible! Anyone who organizes a trip to Sicily via Tururi will discover the beautiful nature and the hospitable Sicilian culture in an informal, relaxed and personal atmosphere. View one of their beautiful trips. If you are interested, you can always request a quote to discover what your trip will cost!

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